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Hen party or Hen Nights in Rawcliffe ¬†are conducted to celebrate the awaiting marriage of a woman. Usually the attendees of this party are females. There is a special consideration for the bride’s gay friends to attend the party. If you are looking to hold a hen night party, there are various options and ideas memorable for everyone.

For the beginners, it is better to hold the hen night party at clubs, because these are some of the things which a woman will not be permitted to do after her marriage. It is the only chance to go out and have some fun. You can also conduct the hen party at your home, moreover, when you party at your home, you will be having lots of option and freedom. There are lots of fun activities.

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Hen parties can also be an occasion where you can compare the adventurous products such as lingerie. “Consequences”, “pass the balloon” or “truth or dare”, are some of the common games played during the hen’s party. Some of the famous options for the hen parties include spending a whole night in the “City of Sin” or any other hotspots where a woman can let go of their entire hang – ups.

In a recent survey, it was estimated that about twenty percent of all hen parties have the presence of male strippers. But yes, these parties also have an erotic theme, adult games and large sprinkling of drinks. If you have a look at some of the famous bars in your city, don’t be shocked to see a hen party going on.

It is also known as bachelorette party (US), stagette (Canada).

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Bachelor parties in Birmingham - you can't go wrong

If you think Birmingham isn't a good place to visit, you've got it all wrong. Why the unfair reputation? Sure, the architecture isn't the greatest, but who goes to a stag or bachelor party to take in the local scenery? (Unless "scenery" also includes the local lasses). Birmingham is the perfect place for a stag do - a thriving cosmopolitan centre oozing with the best in pubs, nightlife, clubs, eateries, music, fashion, crazy locals - you name it! Immerse yourself in the local culture and the local beauties and you will soon find out just how wrong you were.

Birmingham is a city - the UK's second largest - that loves to party and have a good time. If you haven't put this place on your to-do list (ahem, no pun intended) write it down right now before it's too late - you've been missing out on the non-stop party scene that comes with every big city.


Colourful and full of new experiences, entertainment, and people at every turn you'll never sink into a stupor of boredom in this vibrant town. Delve into the modern and mainstream or sink your teeth into the alternative scene. Whatever floats your boat, mate. No judgment here. If you want to discuss the "fine" art of lap dancing over a pint of lip-smackingly good beer go ahead. Or if spending an afternoon paintballing with your friends before heading on over to the local pub is more to your liking do what you please. Compliments of Birmingham, of course.

Shops, cafes, parks and monuments are all over the place so from morning till late, late at night your brain, your eyes, your taste buds, your ears, and your nostrils will all receive more stimulation than one person can handle. And there are so many canals Birmingham has got Venice beat!

For a crazy stag party in Birmingham start off in the Arcadia Centre and then move on to some famous Wharfside Street institutions to end off the night in proper fashion. Down some spicy curry at one of the many curry houses scattered around town and top it all off with whatever you want - all for a reasonable price.

Stag Party in Birmingham - Have Fun Before the Wedding

Among popular Hen Party Ideas is for the hen party to wear matching t shirts for the big night. Apart from looking fantastic, wearing a group theme outfit helps everyone feel as though they are part of the wedding. It's a great way of including friends and relatives in the bridal festivities. Not everyone can be in the bridal party, so by having a night where you dress as a group, friends and family can celebrate with the bride and be a part of her big day. A hen night is a great way to spend time with the bride, as on the wedding day she is obliged to speak with each guest, so this often means only spending a short time with each person.

You can wear the same colour shirts, perhaps opting for a black and bling theme, as most often the choice is to wear shirts with some form of writing on them. For example, the Bride may have 'Bride' written across her shirt, with the remainder of the group wearing 'Bride's Entourage'. Mothers can wear 'Mother of the Bride' or 'Mother of the Groom'. Or you can keep it really simple and everyone can wear 'Hen Party'. Whatever you choose to wear, it is always fun to dress as a group and it really sets the tone of the evening.

To choose what type of writing you have on the hen party t shirts, you need to decide what will suit the group best. The choices can include embroidery, screen-printing or to apply the text in sparkling iron on rhinestones. The latter option is fast becoming the most popular choice for bridal and hen parties. To find suppliers, the easiest way is to search the Internet with key phrases such as embroidery, screen-printing or iron on transfers, then email the suppliers for a quote.

Ask if you can purchase the logo and apply them to shirts yourself, or if you can provide your own shirts and have the company apply the transfers or embroidery for you. Iron on transfers are usually the quickest and easiest way to create hen t shirts, as some suppliers have them available to purchase on their website and they are easy to post.

Once you have selected your choice and placed the order, it's a matter of waiting for them to arrive and applying the custom logo to your chosen apparel. Matching group shirts always attract attention and will sure to be one of the most memorable parts of the hen night - great hen party ideas.

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