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Hen party or Hen Nights in Twyford ¬†are conducted to celebrate the awaiting marriage of a woman. Usually the attendees of this party are females. There is a special consideration for the bride’s gay friends to attend the party. If you are looking to hold a hen night party, there are various options and ideas memorable for everyone.

For the beginners, it is better to hold the hen night party at clubs, because these are some of the things which a woman will not be permitted to do after her marriage. It is the only chance to go out and have some fun. You can also conduct the hen party at your home, moreover, when you party at your home, you will be having lots of option and freedom. There are lots of fun activities.

Hen Party Tops

Hen parties can also be an occasion where you can compare the adventurous products such as lingerie. “Consequences”, “pass the balloon” or “truth or dare”, are some of the common games played during the hen’s party. Some of the famous options for the hen parties include spending a whole night in the “City of Sin” or any other hotspots where a woman can let go of their entire hang – ups.

In a recent survey, it was estimated that about twenty percent of all hen parties have the presence of male strippers. But yes, these parties also have an erotic theme, adult games and large sprinkling of drinks. If you have a look at some of the famous bars in your city, don’t be shocked to see a hen party going on.

It is also known as bachelorette party (US), stagette (Canada).

Posh Hen Do Ideas

Organizing a Stag and Doe party can be intimidating to someone who has never thrown that sort of event before. Some people reach out to professional promoters to throw their party for them, but not all of us have the means. Some people make big mistakes that could be easily avoidable and this is exactly why I decided to write this article. So let me guide you through these mistakes so can avoid them on your next Stag and Doe party.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that a Stag and Doe party's aim is to make money. And to make money, you'll have to sell as many Stag party tickets possible. Forget door sales when it comes to Stag and Does, you will have to focus on pre-selling tickets weeks before the event. When it comes to tickets, don't be cheap. I can guarantee you that people will think twice about buying a sloppy looking ticket from a stranger, I know I would.

I remember one time, me and my buddies where organizing a concert and we had everything covered from sound audio to 5 foot tall posters, but the tickets where very cheap looking. When we were trying to make a sale, people would take a second look at a ticket and give us a "are you sure you're legit?" look. We ended up selling a lot less tickets that we could have because of this small mistake, so please, before you do anything, get yourself some professional looking Stag party tickets so you won't have to make the same mistake I did.

Another mistake people make when planning their Stag and Doe parties is choosing the wrong location. Some people go for the cheapest location possible. That is so wrong. My point of view is, if you wouldn't go to a certain place, why would anybody go? The venue can make or break your event, so choose an easily recognizable hot spot that everyone knows.

Some people fail to maximize their profits by sticking only to food, beverages and tickets sales. But there are many ways you can make money. Organize a raffle and sell tickets at the door. Do a 50-50 draw where half of the money goes to the couple and the other half to the winner. It's a good idea to give prizes throughout the night, but don't use the microphone for every prize to keep the party flowing.

Planning a Stag and Doe party is not easy, especially when you have no experience, so don't hesitate to ask friends you know who have experience in this type of event to help you. However, if you keep yourself from committing the few mistakes I mentioned earlier, you'll save yourself a lot of troubles.

7 Great Hen Night Ideas

Your hen party is going to be one of the most exciting events leading up to your wedding. Though you are likely to be the center of attention at a variety of celebratory events such as your engagement party and bridal shower, your hen party is the event in which you can really let your hair down. Your friends and bridal party will be a part of the fun and there are usually no formal party rules, so you can be yourself and let loose. It is your last chance to party as a single woman so you should really make the most of it.

Most hen parties begin with dinner out with the girls, as well as a few alcoholic drinks. These adult beverages serve to loosen everyone up and make sure people are relaxed and ready to have fun. Following dinner, the girls might head to a lounge for a few more cocktails, see a show or go to a dance club. If you are planning your hen party, think about what you would enjoy doing most and then consider whether the other guests will like it. You want to make yourself happy, but not at the expense of everyone else. In order to really have fun, everyone must be comfortable and ready to party.

Many hen parties feature male dancers or strippers. A lot of girls assume this is a must at a hen party and for this reason they might discourage their friends from even planning a hen event. Remember, it is your party and ultimately, it is up to you to decide what makes you comfortable. The point of the party is to celebrate the end of your single years and to let loose in the weeks leading up to your nuptials. However, if you prefer a quieter evening and dinner with friends, nobody is going to dispute your choice.

If you are a party girl, your hen party is the perfect excuse to really go crazy. If you are celebrating with friends from high school or college, plan to visit a few of your old haunts. You can spend a few hours at the neighborhood college bar or even grab a few six packs of beer and head to a popular parking destination for kids. This gives you a chance to reminisce about the good old days and talk about your future.

Those who want to focus more on their upcoming wedding and make their hen party all about being a bride have plenty of options. There are a lot of adult-oriented stores that sell gag gifts and bridal paraphernalia to wear during your party. This lets everyone, those you are with and total strangers, know you are the bride and you are ready to party. Chances are good if you walk into a club or bar wearing an imitation bridal veil or a t-shirt that proclaims you as the bride, you will be treated to plenty of attention. Your friends might go out of their way to embarrass you, so if you are dressing up and drinking, prepare yourself to be the center of attention. If you are the kind of girl who loves to bask in special attention and party all night, a hen party will be the night of your dreams.

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