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Hen party or Hen Nights in Lincoln ¬†are conducted to celebrate the awaiting marriage of a woman. Usually the attendees of this party are females. There is a special consideration for the bride’s gay friends to attend the party. If you are looking to hold a hen night party, there are various options and ideas memorable for everyone.

For the beginners, it is better to hold the hen night party at clubs, because these are some of the things which a woman will not be permitted to do after her marriage. It is the only chance to go out and have some fun. You can also conduct the hen party at your home, moreover, when you party at your home, you will be having lots of option and freedom. There are lots of fun activities.

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Hen parties can also be an occasion where you can compare the adventurous products such as lingerie. “Consequences”, “pass the balloon” or “truth or dare”, are some of the common games played during the hen’s party. Some of the famous options for the hen parties include spending a whole night in the “City of Sin” or any other hotspots where a woman can let go of their entire hang – ups.

In a recent survey, it was estimated that about twenty percent of all hen parties have the presence of male strippers. But yes, these parties also have an erotic theme, adult games and large sprinkling of drinks. If you have a look at some of the famous bars in your city, don’t be shocked to see a hen party going on.

It is also known as bachelorette party (US), stagette (Canada).

Classy Hen Party Ideas

Are you tasked with the planning of a hen night party for your friend? Do not worry if you have never done this before because I will be sharing some amazing hen night ideas in this article. The important thing that you should remember is that you should let your creativity flow and think about anything that would surprise and excite your friend.

However, you should take away the wrong connotation that such a party should always contain booze and a male stripper. If those are not your thing, as most women I believe are, then you can always consider other themes to go for. And here is where I can help you with.

1. Beach party

Does your friend love the sand and the sea? Then grab your friends and head out to the beach. Rent a beach house with a beautiful view of the water so that you can always feel safe being close to it. You can start a bonfire and do all of your games and other activities around the sparkling flames. Of course in the morning you can always go out for some dipping.

2. Spa party

Perhaps the bride-to-be is a hardworking girl and you think she truly deserves some pampering and relaxation. A spa party would be great for her. There are many day spas that you can contact who are willing to help you out with your hen night ideas and even make their own suggestions. Some have their own bachelorette party packages which they can adapt to your preferences.

3. Sport party

If your friend is the sporty type then you can all go out for a round of your friend's favorite sport. Whether it's badminton, tennis, football, swimming, and even a marathon it is easy to organize one. Just remember to rent out a venue weeks ahead to make sure you all have a place to play in that is all exclusive to your group.

4. Road trip party

Get a car or a van, pack up some clothes and snacks and head out on the road whether you have a specific destination or not. Even if you are not sure where you really want to go, just the experience of bonding with your female friends while on a trip is worth it all.

5. Club hopping

There is always the option to pain the town red by going from one club venue to the other. Just remember to limit your alcohol intake if you want to visit as many places as possible within a single night.

6. Slumber party

Relieve the old teenage days by planning a sleep over. While this maybe one of the simplest and easiest hen night themes that you can think of, it is without a doubt a truly exciting one because you can take all of your cares away and simply have a great time with your friends. Of course do not forget the food and drinks on this one.

7. Shopping party

Of all the hen night ideas listed here, this one maybe a bit more expensive than the others. But if the bride-to-be and the rest of your friends love the thrill of shopping then this is perfect for you. You can even make it more specific or themed like a shoe shopping spree, dress shopping, or accessories.

Incredible Hen Party Ideas

Hen Night Party Games to Play in the Pub

If you're organising a night out on the town for a hen night then pub he night party games are an essential part of the planning. Party games that you can play in a pub or a bar are a great way to get everyone in your hen group involved, chatting to teach other and most importantly having a good laugh! There are a number of different activities and games that are perfect for a hen night out and we've picked out some of our favourites which go hand in hand with a pub atmosphere!

Forbidden Words

One thing you can pretty much guarantee when you get a group of best buddies together is that there will be plenty of talking, and a hen night is no exception. Chatting and laughing with one another is an essential part of the hen night rituals and there's no reason why you can turn it into a game as well! Often talk will turn to the wedding, so a fun game to play is having words which must not be uttered for the entire evening. Anyone caught saying these words will have to do a forfeit or take a drink! Naturally the more you drink the harder it is to remember which the forbidden words are. Fun words to try are "groom", "wedding", the groom's name, and "bridesmaid". You could even try other words like "glass", "pint" and "wine" to make ordering drinks a bit more interesting!

Forfeit Cards

If you want a hen night of outlandish behaviour and lots of laughs then you shouldn't leave the house without a pack of forfeit cards. These cards are easy to find and will list a whole range of challenges and dares that girls have to do as a forfeit. They can be used as part of another game, for example "truth or dare" or in the above game of Forbidden Words. Dare cards might little challenges like trying to order a round of drinks without speaking, or they might be as raucous as trying to get a guy to give up his underwear as a hen night souvenir!

Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

This game might take a little preparation but is great fun to play on a hen night. Before the hen party, take some time to ask the groom and his friends some questions and put all the answers together. Then, on the night put the hen on the spot and see how well she knows her husband to be!

Good questions include:

1.    What nickname did the groom have at school

2.    How old was he when he had his first kiss

3.    What's the most embarrassing thing he's done when drunk?

The girls can then decide what punishment the bride has to face if she gets a question wrong. Will it be to take a drink or to do a challenge from the forfeit cards?

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