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Hen party or Hen Nights in Hoyland ¬†are conducted to celebrate the awaiting marriage of a woman. Usually the attendees of this party are females. There is a special consideration for the bride’s gay friends to attend the party. If you are looking to hold a hen night party, there are various options and ideas memorable for everyone.

For the beginners, it is better to hold the hen night party at clubs, because these are some of the things which a woman will not be permitted to do after her marriage. It is the only chance to go out and have some fun. You can also conduct the hen party at your home, moreover, when you party at your home, you will be having lots of option and freedom. There are lots of fun activities.

Hen Party Balloons

Hen parties can also be an occasion where you can compare the adventurous products such as lingerie. “Consequences”, “pass the balloon” or “truth or dare”, are some of the common games played during the hen’s party. Some of the famous options for the hen parties include spending a whole night in the “City of Sin” or any other hotspots where a woman can let go of their entire hang – ups.

In a recent survey, it was estimated that about twenty percent of all hen parties have the presence of male strippers. But yes, these parties also have an erotic theme, adult games and large sprinkling of drinks. If you have a look at some of the famous bars in your city, don’t be shocked to see a hen party going on.

It is also known as bachelorette party (US), stagette (Canada).

Hen Do Activity Ideas

The main goal of a Stag and Doe party is usually to cover fees for the wedding. But you can only do so if you budget carefully and cover all the costs related to the event. There are so many things to think about when planning such an event, and it can be difficult to cover all the aspects. So I decided to list the most common expenses related to Stag and Doe parties so you can turn in a nice profit.

First of all, invitations and flyers are essential when you're throwing a party. They are the first impression of the party and can literally make or break your event. Make sure you know exactly how much stag and doe invites you'll need and don't be stingy, nice looking invites can go a long way.

Hall rental fees and bartender fees should also be at the top of your list. Get a sense of the type of people you want invited at your party and choose the location carefully. Make sure the location is in a good part of town and go for a locale with a good reputation as the venue will be one of the main selling points of your party.

Before you chose a certain location, make sure you know if the security and liquor costs are included. Having to cover for security and liquor yourself can really hurt your bottom line. If you've never thrown that kind of party before, it can be hard to know how much liquor you'll need, so I suggest your go with a package that includes liquor so your bar doesn't run dry by the end of the night.

Now, you'll have to choose a DJ. Depending on your budget, you can hire a well known DJ or your run of the mill DJ service. However, if you go for an average DJ, you run the risk of having an average night. So if you can't hire a big name DJ, you can always provide a play list to whatever DJ you wish to hire so you can have control over the music. Not everybody likes the same type of music, so make sure you know your audience well.

Of course, there are some other expenses that you will need to take into consideration when you'll be planning your next Stag and Doe, but the ones I mentioned earlier should be at the on top of your list. But that doesn't mean that you should neglect the smaller details, since they can make or break your evening. So plan carefully and your Stag and Doe will be the party of the year!

Amazing Hen Party Games

Normally the responsibility to arrange a hen party lies on the best man of the groom. Therefore the pre- wedding preparation must be planned in such a manner that it should be fun- filled and should be memorable. For that various things like hen party accessories, music, food etc. must be properly arranged.

Let's discuss about various things that a groom's best man must consider in order to arrange a great stag party.

Theme parties

Theme parties and fancy dress parties are livelier. So you should try and conceive some exciting ideas like putting a James bond theme, Halloween fancy dress theme or some other theme to make your hen party more exciting.


In order to make the most of an exciting event, booking a karaoke hire can be an exciting option. Apart from this, you can also arrange for some good music in your party and all this together can make your party really unforgettable.

Games and other party stuff

To make your hen night fun packed, organise various stag activities like- playing cards, blackjack, bingo etc. Apart from this, you can also bring on some other stuff like spin a bottle, confession rounds etc.

Food and drinks

Besides fun elements, you surely would want nice food and a variety of drinks like alcohol, cocktails, etc. For this you can take the advice of your closest friends and accordingly arrange their favourite drinks.


Venue is the most important thing to be considered. Choosing the best and the most unique venue for your friend's hen party can be a little tricky.

Go for venues like a holiday apartment, or arrange a venue that is away from the city in order to make your party unrestricted.

Fix on the most suitable date

You would want all your male friends to be a part of the hen party. Don't you? Therefore it is necessary to choose the date that is convenient to all the stags as well as invitees.


The arrangements depend a lot on your budget. Therefore before planning a party, it is better to consider your budget before hand only.

You can always take the advise from the people who have been at stag parties before, just in case you are running out of ideas. Apart from this, you can also perform research on internet and find the most suitable stag party ideas.

You can also involve some other friends who can assist you in organising the best stag party.

Besides this, you can also prepare a speech for the groom. Being the groom's best buddy you should prepare a speech that is heartfelt and at the same time witty.

Other than this, you can also arrange a surprise gift for the groom to make the man of the moment feel special. For this, you can invite your buddy's best band to the bash or can arrange something that is in good humour.

Hen Party Prizes

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