A bachelorette party is known as a Hen Party. This event usually takes place a few weeks before the wedding. The party is normally organized by the chief bridesmaid or maid of honour. While the format varies widely the event usually involves alcohol. Many Hen parties include some daytime event or activity like paint-balling, makeovers, bowling or other fun pursuits. There is nearly always a meal in a restaurant followed by a night of drinking and dancing.

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The typical Irish Party includes the mother of the bride and the future mother-in-law. Irish parties vary in size but are usually made up of between 12 and 30 girls often wearing outlandish outfits. The peak time for Hen Parties in Ireland is between April and September. You will often see large Hen Party groups roaming the streets in the popular Hen Party towns of Kilkenny, Kenmare, Galway, Limerick and Carrick-on-Shannon.

An overnight stay in a Hotel is the norm although some Hens take place in the home town of the Bride to Be. Pink Hats and printed “T” shirts are a pretty common sight on any Irish street on a Saturday night. Most parties involve some form of fancy dress or wild costumes.

Strippograms and Kissograms are sometimes used to add extra entertainment to the evening where allowed. Most Irish pubs are easy going about girly Parties but some will not allow Large groups of women intent on having fun. All in all the Hen Party is part of the wedding tradition in Ireland and it is very unusual for a future bride not to have some form of Hen Party to celebrate her last bit of freedom. Most Hens Nights are planned by the girls themselves but there are Event planning companies that specialise in organizing the whole process.

Of course while a Hens Party is an important event in Ireland it is an event that takes place in some form in nearly all cultures.

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Stag Party in Birmingham - Have Fun Before the Wedding

A bachelor party serves as an event to convince someone that he made the right choice in finally tying the knot soon. It is also the last night that a groom-to-be has a chance to enjoy all the pleasures of an unmarried man. Basically, a bachelor or a stag party is a night of fun restricted to men. The arrangement of this occasion is left to the hands of the groomsman with the itinerary always kept secret to the groom.

Though the idea of this kind of party sounds carefree, its preparations can actually be complicated especially with the part where a stripper has to enter the scene. A stag party should play between the boundaries of naughtiness and appropriateness and sometimes that is just too hard to accomplish especially if men are tasked to arrange the preparations. Besides from that, the venue, food, and the program are also other factors to take care of.

One of the most important bachelor party tips that can help make things easier is to plan the event with a very good timing. Do not do it on the eve of the wedding because the groom needs to have proper rest before his big day. One smart choice is to do it a week before the big occasion on Friday or Saturday nights when most people are already free from their jobs. The next thing that should be considered is the food preparations. If the party has a theme, the type of food to be served should follow the selected theme.

If there is none, however, preparing finger foods like fries, burgers, pizza, and Buffalo wings are recommended because they can go well as snacks or with beer. If budget is sufficient, hiring a caterer is good but asking someone's mother to cook is also a good idea. Another one of some bachelor party tips is to choose the best place where the occasion will be held. Going to a stripper bar is a good idea but making sure that the groom will receive his deserved attention from the performers should be assured. It is never wise to have the party in crowded places with other people around because this is supposed to be a private event for the groom-to-be. Instead, doing it in a friend's house or a small resort can already suffice.

The last of bachelor party tips is the proper choosing of the stripper. In selecting a performer for the stag party, it is highly important to choose someone who is attractive, witty, and knows what she is doing. Make sure that the stripper to be hired knows her boundaries and has a couple of tricks behind her back. Request for an added twist on the performance. For example, ask the stripper to invite the groom to go on the stage with her and let her dress him in women's clothes for example. The ideas are endless to make this occasion as fun as possible. Only in this part of the party, it is important to make sure that the groom will not do anything that can make him feel guilty toward his bride-to-be.

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