A bachelorette party is known as a Hen Party. This event usually takes place a few weeks before the wedding. The party is normally organized by the chief bridesmaid or maid of honour. While the format varies widely the event usually involves alcohol. Many Hen parties include some daytime event or activity like paint-balling, makeovers, bowling or other fun pursuits. There is nearly always a meal in a restaurant followed by a night of drinking and dancing.

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The typical Irish Party includes the mother of the bride and the future mother-in-law. Irish parties vary in size but are usually made up of between 12 and 30 girls often wearing outlandish outfits. The peak time for Hen Parties in Ireland is between April and September. You will often see large Hen Party groups roaming the streets in the popular Hen Party towns of Kilkenny, Kenmare, Galway, Limerick and Carrick-on-Shannon.

An overnight stay in a Hotel is the norm although some Hens take place in the home town of the Bride to Be. Pink Hats and printed “T” shirts are a pretty common sight on any Irish street on a Saturday night. Most parties involve some form of fancy dress or wild costumes.

Strippograms and Kissograms are sometimes used to add extra entertainment to the evening where allowed. Most Irish pubs are easy going about girly Parties but some will not allow Large groups of women intent on having fun. All in all the Hen Party is part of the wedding tradition in Ireland and it is very unusual for a future bride not to have some form of Hen Party to celebrate her last bit of freedom. Most Hens Nights are planned by the girls themselves but there are Event planning companies that specialise in organizing the whole process.

Of course while a Hens Party is an important event in Ireland it is an event that takes place in some form in nearly all cultures.

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Few Stag Party Ideas For Stag Weekends

Any bride-to-be wants to celebrate her last days of freedom with her friends. One day is not enough so many future brides choose to spend a week-end away or even a whole week in the company of their close friends. Surely, on the agenda there is a major party, with all the traditional happenings.

Hen holidays are the perfect opportunity to see the future bride off in style. With the winter holidays approaching, spending some time away with your friends will be even more special. Christmas is a unique holiday and having your hen party before the holiday season or right in the middle of it makes it even more exceptional. This means you don't have to worry too much about its outcome. Everyone will have a great time simply because it's that singular time of the year.

The festive season should not only be restful and relaxing but also fun so your hen holiday must be in accordance with this. Whether you're planning your own hen holiday or hire someone to do it, renting a cottage in the country should be on your priorities list. Imagine a cozy little cottage where you and your friends will party in Christmas style.

You don't need male strippers to spice up your party! There is surely a wide range of holiday costumes that will make you and your friends look sexy. You'll abound in ideas when you have a look at those infinite hot ladies fancy dresses. Sexy elves or angels would be right choices if you want your hen holiday to be merry. You could all wear the costumes the whole time you are away. It will truly put you in the mood and you'll spread the Christmas cheer without doubt.

If being an elf is not your thing and the angel costumes are somehow too much for you then maybe a Santa costume will be the appropriate option. At the end of the day you should wear that eye-catching costume. It's your wedding on the way so you play the major lead. Bearing all this in mind, a Santa costume is just the thing for you. He is the principal figure at this time of year but it doesn't have to be that classical figure we are used to see everywhere around Christmas. You could make him a sexy figure!

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